If you are local I'd love to share some of the following services I'm offering. See flyer below. Let's keep the Free Currency moving.
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Redecker Offerings and Services

640 Tico Road
Ojai, CA 93023
United States

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  1. Nuevo o de segunda mano
    En buen estado
    Barcelona Maresme Llobregat Cornellà
  2. Necesita vivienda antes del 27 de noviembre. (Lugar sencillo con luz y lo mas economico)
    Sería para 2 personas (el señor es pensionista y camina mal) y la gata
    653375258 maria teresa
    Roquetas de mar
  3. Intento recuperar aparatos electrónicos en desuso o rotos o partes de ellos para aprovecharlos.
    Aunque sean viejos, se pueden utilizar para personas con pocas necesidades o para niños con software educativo open source, o para tareas específicas u otros usos.
    Tirarlos es una pena.
    Maresme Barcelona Catalunya
  4. Porto gairabé dos anys en una empresa d'apicultura i ara estic creant el meu apiari , estic demanat material d'apicultura.
    El Maresme Barcelonès El Solsonès Catalunya Espanya
  5. Busco algú amb les eines i l'experiència suficient per pasar una desbrozadora per un jardí ja que jo no m'ho puc fer per que a casa anem en cadira de rodes que si no fos així ja ho faria jo mateix. No busco un favor si no pagar just a algú per fer una feina que jo no puc fer.
    Baix Montseny Llinars Cardedeu Sant Antoni de Vilamajor Sant Pere de Vilamajor
  6. Camp de Tarragona Terra Alta Montsià Baix Ebre Ribera d'Ebre
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Serveis relacionats

I can create a complete Permaculture Design Plan for you and your land
I'm certified through Quail Springs Permaculture and can help you achieve your permaculture dreams, and through Grow Biointensive to create small gardens with high yields
servei a domicili | delivery
Sacred Natural Dried White Sage
I can post Naturally Dried Sacred White Sage to you, which is very easy to harvest here because it grows wild in lots of places.
servei a domicili | delivery
I have had lots of experience around Animal Behavior and Communication
I have been around a lot of different species of animals all of my life and offer guidance around Behavior and communication with them
servei a domicili | delivery
Lets talk about how to create a functional Intentional Community
I've lived in about 6 different intentional communities over the past 12 years. I'd love to share some of my experiences for success for those who would like to travel down this path!
servei a domicili | delivery
We have Rapeh from Peru, we can send you in little tins
We bring back Good quality Rapeh from Peru.
servei a domicili | delivery
I support a Shipibo Family called Rao Kano Xobo in Pucalpa in Peru
I support a traditional Shipibo family who live in the jungle of Peru and are in the process of creating a much bigger healing centre by bringing back Their amazing handcrafted jewelry products.
servei a domicili | delivery