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PC and Smartphone IT Consulting

I've been programming as a main job, what has given me a awful view of the data management from behind and how privacy policies are used to control population throu consumer profiling and Big Data. At the same time, I've been working in my personal environment (PC and Smartphone) to make those tools work FOR ME, NOT for THINRD PARTIES. 

Want you to stop worrying about who's listening your microphone? Want you to stop receiving Amazon offers of real needs before you even know that you need it? In short, Want you to avoid sellers stop knowing you better than you even know you? 

Let's not fool ourselves... It's pretty comfy to let our fridge ask for milk in amazon by itself when we are short of it. But at high cost. We bring the macro corporation our habits, our likes and even our fears... The knowledge of how to manipulate us. Power they will use to decide for you, who you vote for (for example... ¬¬), Wich local branch do we boycot, leaving only their branches, etc... An horrifying Orwellian scenario where the freedom of choice is just an ilusion.

Let's not allow this to happen.

PS: Also I know of automation scripting (shell, bat, PowerShell, python), Linux Debían/Fedora/Arch (Open software overall), Excel, Data Bases, Cryptocurrency (not recommended) and Solidity Contracts. If I don't know I can learn 😄

I'm available in person (if we are close) otherwise by phone, telegram or mail (Not WhatsApp. We'll speak about why 😉). Spanish, English and lil bit of German. Open price 

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