Josie's Muse Services
Josie's Muse Services
I offer Various Guiding and Organizational Services

I offer various Guiding Services around Life Coaching, Problem Solving, World Travel and Border Information, How to travel within a budget, How to get into UK festivals for free and how to get to a Rainbow Gathering. I have Traveled extensively and have a Precise memory that is able to store and recall precise information from my past.

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640 Tico Road
Ojai, CA 93023
United States

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  1. A native English speaker to read/record a short book, "Love & Revolution". You could record it on your phone. I am looking for someone who feels resonant with the book's content. Download it for free at Best contact me by email:
    United Kingdom USA Spain Australia New Zeland
  2. Necesito capacitación para abrir mis Registros Akashicos.
    "Buenos Aires Argentina
  3. M'agradaria que qualcú em pogués fer un curs de libreoffice, podria ser online.
    Mallorca Online
  4. Clases de ruso para estudiante de primer curso de lingüística.
  5. Me gustaría poder practicar conversación de inglés, deseable nivel de C1. En persona o online
  6. Busco alguien que pueda enseñarme cómo y dónde invertir con seguridad para sacar rendimiento a mis ahorros.
    En toda España y todo el mundo
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I can create a complete Permaculture Design Plan for you and your land
I'm certified through Quail Springs Permaculture and can help you achieve your permaculture dreams, and through Grow Biointensive to create small gardens with high yields
servei a domicili | delivery
Moodle Learning Management System for your online learning service
The world's free learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment.
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Lets talk about how to create a functional Intentional Community
I've lived in about 6 different intentional communities over the past 12 years. I'd love to share some of my experiences for success for those who would like to travel down this path!
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Educación canina para la convivencia
Educa a tu perro fácilmente para evitar problema futuros o corrige problemas que ya existen.
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Livro Pensamentos de M*rda=Vida de M*rda
Livro Pensamentos de M*rda=Vida de M*rda, este livro transmite um processo de transformação interior que fiz em mim trazendo-me uma felicidade plena e que nele procuro ajudar-te a descobrires a tua.
servei a domicili | delivery
Clases online de Matemáticas. Muy motivada y con excelentes resultados.
Ofrezco clases online de matemáticas nivel ESO y BACHILLERATO. Muy buenos resultados.
servei a domicili | delivery