Q centre of experimentation
Conscious living
7 days retreat

From the vital experience that we offer in Q (see Way of Life) and through simple exercises, each one, according to his/her circumstances, need and willingness to change, will be able to become aware of their daily lives and creatively decide what changes and how to bring them to fruition.
Creativity applied to oneself, leads to the revolution of habits and customs, i.e, to the conscious transformation the way of living and being in the  world.

We will share practices of ecology, degrowth and selfawareness, among others: 
* reconnection and readaptation to natural rhythms;
* how to reduce dependence on electricity and what energy sovereignty entails;
* conscious nourishment, 
* responsible consumption, 
* optimising resources and how to reduce industrial waste,
* the use of digital technologies, 
* conscious breathing,
* mindfulness in daily actions, 
* meditation, etc.

From March to October on request from specific groups.

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DP: Plaza Mayor, 1
44556 Molinos Teruel

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