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Fasting, silence and not doing retreat, with Markus Witte in Texas
Markus Witte calls us on an eight-day fasting and silence adventure. Invitation to curiosity like when we were children, to silence, to do nothing and to enjoy life with what there is.
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BioEnergetic Medicine, Natural Medicines, Energy Psychotherapy
Remote Services: Scans (diagnostics/healing) w NLS Device Detox & Nutrition Emotional Clearings & Energy Psychotherapy Homeopathy Map Dowsing In-Person: Auricular Therapy Sensitivities Testing
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Sound editing: music, talks, audiobooks, voice-overs...
I do sound editing: editing, mixing and mastering music; editing talks, audio books and so on.
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Portrait photography, events, outdoor weddings, and studio portraits
For a successful portrait, one must capture the essence in light. In-studio, at home, or outdoors... Every face tells a story. Every snapshot evokes an emotion.
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We have Rapeh from Peru, we can send you in little tins
We bring back Good quality Rapeh from Peru.
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Web development, drupal, moodle, civicrm, farmos
Web development (Drupal), online learning (Moodle), CRM (CiviCRM), e-commerce (Drupal, Commerce), SEO (search engine optimisation)
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sant llorenc
food trick
food trick delivery food - customized salads - lasagnas - ravioli - fresh pasta
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Room with single or double in a central apartment in the city of Girona. Place full of activities, beauty, amenities and green areas or forests very close.
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Consulting, training and building with Straw and Clay
20 years of experience doing and teaching straw bale building and clay plasters. I am available for online consulting as well.
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I offer 30 minute consultations on what Kambo is and if it's for you.
I've served Kambô for about 10 years. I'm certified as a Kambô Practitioner by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP.org)
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App that allows your customers to book appointments with you via the web
Highly customizable web application that allows your customers to book appointments with you via the web. Moreover, it provides the ability to sync your data with Google Calendar
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Terapeuta holística - Sanación, chamanismo, músico, voz consciente
Hola, tengo una experiencia de más de 20 años en el sector de las terapias alternativas, además soy profesora de yoga y pilates, así como de alimentación orgánica y nutricional.
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Ğ1 Market & Meeting Management in Alicante
This account is intended to launch Ğ1 markets near Alicante (Spain) and also to incentive to new users who create a wallet
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Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Nutrition
I help balance your general health (emotional, mental and physical) through a mix of kinesiology and naturopathy, focusing on you digestive system / belief system / food intolerances.
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Translation orders: English, Basque, Spanish, Esperanto, Catalan
I translate between English, Basque, Spanish and Esperanto, in any direction. I also translate from Catalan to those languages.
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Caleta de Fuste
Learn German in private classes
1 (one) G1 an hour plus a beer as basic fee per date =) Classes in my home in Caleta de Fuste. (Physical service - no service online!)
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7 days retreat
7 days of retreat in nature where we will share dynamics, learnings and life wisdom for the processes of personal, family and group change.
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Agricultural, forestry and livestock management software
FarmOS is an agricultural management system to improve your agricultural, livestock and forestry operations. It allows you to control the purchases of seeds, fertilizers or animal breeding and sales.
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Web Design and WebSites building
We build web sites, simple, blogs and more complex sites like online stores/catalogs.
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