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PC and Smartphone IT Consulting
I want to help everyone (adapted to their needs and age) who is willing to adopt a philosophy of digital hygiene so that together we can reconquer our right to privacy and digital freedom.
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Graphic design and photography software classes
I offer graphic design and photo editing classes in both libre and proprietary software.
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Live Violin 🎻 Weddings. Sound healing. Music teacher. Guitar teacher.
Live violin for an event. Sound healing. Teaching violin 🎻 and guitar 🎸 (private lessons) Based in Madeira.
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Sound editing: music, talks, audiobooks, voice-overs...
I do sound editing: editing, mixing and mastering music; editing talks, audio books and so on.
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Moodle Learning Management System for your online learning service
The world's free learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment.
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Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Nutrition
I help balance your general health (emotional, mental and physical) through a mix of kinesiology and naturopathy, focusing on you digestive system / belief system / food intolerances.
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i offer english and greek translation
i can translate from spanish to griego / ingles .
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Shamanic Travel, Immunoenergetic, Colloidal Silver, Quantum Bioingenieer
Natural therapies: Immunoenergetic, Biomagnetism, Quantum Bioingineering and Shamanic travel in person and at a distance. Ayurveda massage. Health Coach.
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Mollet del Vallès
Design of posters, business cards, logos, etc. Audiovisual montages.
Design of posters, business cards, logos, etc. Audiovisual designs.
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Cambio de creencias y bloqueos limitantes y estresantes/ SpanishEnglish
Cambio de creencias y percepciones al nivel de la mente subconsciente, proceso PSYCH-K®. PSYCH-K® a belief and perception changing process at the subconscious level of the mind. Stress, Mental Health.
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Legal Assistance and Knowledge for Unschooled Students
Provide legal assistance, knowledge and information to Unschooled and Home School Students.
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Consulting, training and building with Straw and Clay
20 years of experience doing and teaching straw bale building and clay plasters. I am available for online consulting as well.
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Ğ1 Market & Meeting Management in Alicante
This account is intended to launch Ğ1 markets near Alicante (Spain) and also to incentive to new users who create a wallet
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Porto Cristo
Akashic records
Akashic Records sessions to connect with the information of your SOUL: Heal life situations and find answers to what happens to us in order to move forward and evolve towards a high state of consciousness and fullness.
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Translation orders: English, Basque, Spanish, Esperanto, Catalan
I translate between English, Basque, Spanish and Esperanto, in any direction. I also translate from Catalan to those languages.
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L Ametlla de Mar
we offer olive green oil premium , almonds, carobs and organic garden all certified eco label
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Caleta de Fuste
Singlebed room in nice little holiday home
Basic cleaning fee G1 20 plus €20. Daily rent: G1 15 plus €15 Long time rent up from 3 weeks with individually calculated discount. Payment in G1 immediately required after booking confirmation.
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7 days retreat
7 days of retreat in nature where we will share dynamics, learnings and life wisdom for the processes of personal, family and group change.
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