Distance Energy Therapy
Distance therapy with Pure Energy of the Source


My name is Victoria, I live in Ibiza. I've been trained and activated for the use and delivery of Pure Energy from the Pure and Divine Source.

This Pure and Divine energy helps our energetic and physical body, and our essence, in order to help these bodies to be in harmony so they can heal better.

It might be useful at any time, but it's very useful especially before and after surgery, when you'll travel or after returning home, in times of illness, weakening, both for human beings and for other living beings that accompany us on our path in life.

If you want to know more, contact me privately. The Junas that I accept is free price. Usually, I only do this job for friends and acquaintances without expecting anything in return. But I'd like to make Junas move around the island and improve the monetary mass. as I do think this is a very interesting project. So if you want to try, I accept whatever you think is fair.

Thank you and a hug to everyone reading this ♥.


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Sant Carles de Peralta

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